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We Train Owners and Pet Parents to train their Dogs

Our mission is to bring to you the best updated non-aversive training methods so that you can train your dog.

Hi  I'm  Shellie. Though  I am no longer around  I am one of the  inspirations for the creation of this training center.   Along with  Bodie and others we would like to welcome you to our family.




The paperback version of The Education of Will is coming out next month (release date is February 27th) and I'm thrilled with the new cover. You might remember that I wasn't a big fan of the hardcover's photo, even though Willie's exuberant face always makes me smile. I LOVE the new cover… more fitting for a memoir I believe, and a favorite photo of mine to boot. (Don't tell anyone, but that's Maggie working sheep, [...]
Mon, Jan 08, 2018
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When you make your New Year's resolutions this year, why not include your dog? Popular resolutions such as "get more exercise" can easily include the family pet, and many spiritual, personal growth, environmental, and philanthropical goals can include your best friend, too. Here are our top 7 ideas for including a favorite canine in your New Year's resolutions. [...]
Thu, Jan 04, 2018
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Learn basic behaviors, such as sit, down, wait, stay, leave it, come, and off Being calm around people and other dogs Walk nicely on a leash Learn a solid recall Stay calm when visitors come to the door Learn or excel in a dog sport Less barking Other read more [...]
Thu, Jan 04, 2018
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read more [...]
Wed, Jan 03, 2018
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I've heard it said that New Year's Resolutions are To Do Lists for the first week in January. Yup, we all know the statistics about the unsuccessful nature of New Year's resolutions. With that in mind, and added to what I've learned by reading my private journals for the last 30 years, (lots of gratitude for Jim, dogs, farm, and friends–interspersed with innumerable mentions of losing weight, eating better, teaching the dogs more tricks and [...]
Mon, Jan 01, 2018
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This episode brought to you by Zukes. Victoria and Holly ring in the new year by discussing several of the new projects and developments coming in 2018 in the Positively ecosystem. Also, a rundown of this year's resolutions… including their pet resolutions (on behalf both of pets and their owners). The ladies are joined by Victoria's husband, Van, to discuss the behind-the-scenes workings and passion behind the Positively brand and businesses like VSPDT and the Victoria [...]
Mon, Jan 01, 2018
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 We recently got word that our 2nd CCI puppy we raised,  Ms. Bordeaux,  will be rotating through team training in California in May 2017 for the Hearing Dog Program!!!!  Our fingers are crossed she makes a match.  We are so proud of her!!!

Young Bordeaux

Ms. Bordeaux Always working!!

Pretty Girl Bordeaux!

A Mature Ms. Bordeaux



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