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Our mission is to bring to you the best updated non-aversive training methods so that you can train your dog.

Hi  I'm  Shellie. Though  I am no longer around  I am one of the  inspirations for the creation of this training center.   Along with  Bodie and others we would like to welcome you to our family.




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Wed, Mar 03, 2021
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Full disclosure: March is not my favorite month. It’s a month of walking through mud to get to the icy places where you’re in danger of falling if you don’t take tiny baby steps, covering about 6 inches at a time. Then you cross the ice, and slip in the mud and fall down anyway. […] The post Well, hello there, March. appeared first on The Other End of the Leash. [...]
Mon, Mar 01, 2021
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 We recently got word that our 2nd CCI puppy we raised,  Ms. Bordeaux,  will be rotating through team training in California in May 2017 for the Hearing Dog Program!!!!  Our fingers are crossed she makes a match.  We are so proud of her!!!

Young Bordeaux

Ms. Bordeaux Always working!!

Pretty Girl Bordeaux!

A Mature Ms. Bordeaux



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