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We Train Owners and Pet Parents to train their Dogs
Our mission is to bring to you the best updated non-aversive training methods so that you can train your dog.

Hi  I'm  Shellie. Though  I am no longer around  I am one of the  inspirations for the creation of this training center.   Along with  Bodie and others we would like to welcome you to our family.




Some of our neighbors put up Christmas Holiday lights up two weeks ago. Jim followed suit, thinking why not do it when it’s warm outside? I’ve long been a bit of a grinch when it comes to starting the December holiday season long before we’ve eaten the last of the Thanksgiving turkey, but this year […] The post Gifts for Us All for the Holidays appeared first on The Other End of the Leash. [...]
Mon, Nov 23, 2020
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The 8th annual Dog Behavior Conference will be held online from April 16-18, 2021.     This past May, we shifted our favorite event of the year - the Dog Behavior Conference (DBC) - from an in-person conference in the UK to an international online virtual event, allowing dog lovers from all over the world to come together for one enlightening and inspiring weekend. In those early days of lockdowns and social distancing, we worked with the 2020 DBC [...]
Mon, Nov 16, 2020
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Growing up in the 1960’s, girls like me were advised to “play hard to get.” (I notice now that the phrase was not “be hard to get,” but “play hard to get.” Sigh.) This, we were told, would make us more attractive to boys. I had no trouble with this in high school, because the […] The post Go Ahead, Play Hard to Get appeared first on The Other End of the Leash. [...]
Mon, Nov 16, 2020
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I’ve been looking forward to receiving my copy of Tim Lewis’s new book, The Biology of Dogs: From Gonads Through Guts to Ganglia for a few weeks now, given all the buzz it has generated. And wow. I have not been disappointed. Lewis is a professor of biology at the University of St. Thomas (MN), […] The post Biology of Dogs: Book Review appeared first on The Other End of the Leash. [...]
Mon, Nov 09, 2020
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Many dog owners complain that their dogs steal food from kitchen counters or even the dinner table. A new term was even coined to describe this behavior: counter-surfing. If you're tired of losing your dinner to a sneaky pooch every time you turn your back, here's what you can do about it. [...]
Tue, Nov 03, 2020
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This post is all above love, because if those of us in the U.S. ever needed to focus on it now, it’s this week. I’m channeling love all I can this week. Love of my smart, soccer-focused, flannel-wearing, literal-minded, outdoor-loving, perfect-eyebrowed, kindest-man-ever husband. Love of my funny, irreverent and always-there-when-you-need them friends and family. Love […] The post Love. In the Time of Now. appeared first on The Other End of the Leash. [...]
Sun, Nov 01, 2020
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 We recently got word that our 2nd CCI puppy we raised,  Ms. Bordeaux,  will be rotating through team training in California in May 2017 for the Hearing Dog Program!!!!  Our fingers are crossed she makes a match.  We are so proud of her!!!

Young Bordeaux

Ms. Bordeaux Always working!!

Pretty Girl Bordeaux!

A Mature Ms. Bordeaux



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