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We Train Owners and Pet Parents to train their Dogs
Our mission is to bring to you the best updated non-aversive training methods so that you can train your dog.

Hi  I'm  Shellie. Though  I am no longer around  I am one of the  inspirations for the creation of this training center.   Along with  Bodie and others we would like to welcome you to our family.




What is Resource Guarding Resource guarding (also known as 'possession aggression') is behavior a dog may display in order to control access to a valued item or space. A valued resource includes anything of value to that particular dog. Just as people value different items, so do dogs. A dog may feel the need to guard food, a bone, toys, space, another dog, or even a human. When a dog is actively guarding a resource, he [...]
Wed, Jan 15, 2020
Source: Victoria Stillwell Category: DOG BLOGS
It's no secret that exercising your dog can lead to a happier and healthier pup – not to mention a quieter house and a happier you. The complication is that exercising your dog takes time and sometimes we struggle to find time to exercise ourselves. However, without safe and effective exercise, your dog can gain weight, risk costly injury, and tear apart the house in response to pent up energy. Consider how you exercise your [...]
Tue, Jan 14, 2020
Source: Victoria Stillwell Category: DOG BLOGS
This is Maggie asked to sit and stay beside her overflowing toy box, the one I promised to clean out over the holiday break. (You can see how well I did.) In spite of having two overfull bags of “toys kept away from Maggie to re-introduce at a later time,” the toy box in our living room has gotten out of hand. I will clean it out soon, I will I will I will, but [...]
Mon, Jan 13, 2020
Source: Patricia McConnell Category: DOG BLOGS

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 We recently got word that our 2nd CCI puppy we raised,  Ms. Bordeaux,  will be rotating through team training in California in May 2017 for the Hearing Dog Program!!!!  Our fingers are crossed she makes a match.  We are so proud of her!!!

Young Bordeaux

Ms. Bordeaux Always working!!

Pretty Girl Bordeaux!

A Mature Ms. Bordeaux



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