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We Train Owners and Pet Parents to train their Dogs
Our mission is to bring to you the best updated non-aversive training methods so that you can train your dog.

Hi  I'm  Shellie. Though  I am no longer around  I am one of the  inspirations for the creation of this training center.   Along with  Bodie and others we would like to welcome you to our family.




There's been a lot of discussion lately about the pros and cons of engaging (publicly or privately) with people in the dog world who hold views different from your own. This can be an especially thorny topic when the opposing (or at least not compatible) viewpoints relate to a core belief of yours – beliefs that we often safeguard and protect more dearly than anything else. This got me thinking about the best ways to [...]
Mon, May 20, 2019
Source: Victoria Stillwell Category: DOG BLOGS
She was a lovely German Shepherd, even after she squatted in my office and spewed stinky diarrhea all over the rug. Her owners told me she'd always had digestive problems, but her aggression toward strangers hadn't begun until she was about five months old. I can't remember her name, because she could have been any one of hundreds of dogs I saw who had problematic gut health and who were also extremely fearful. That fear [...]
Mon, May 20, 2019
Source: Patricia McConnell Category: DOG BLOGS
This is, in part, a repost of one of the very first blogs I wrote, from August of 2008. (Almost 11 years ago? Wow.) I am posting it again for several reasons–we have a lot of new readers; it's always fun for me to see if I still agree with what I wrote in years past; and most timely, I'll be speaking on a similar topic on Vashon Island, WA, Saturday June 8th, about “Lost [...]
Mon, May 13, 2019
Source: Patricia McConnell Category: DOG BLOGS
Please join me, and the hundreds of others participating in Czar's Promise Dog Walk, to raise funds to prevent and fight cancer in both people and dogs. Jim and I have participated in several fund raising walks to prevent and treat cancer in the past, but this one will be especially meaningful. I joined this important effort many months ago as a sponsor, but then, well, it became a bit more personal. As most of you [...]
Wed, May 08, 2019
Source: Patricia McConnell Category: DOG BLOGS
I shouldn't have been surprised at the depth of my grief when Willie died. After all, I'm the one who wrote about his uncle that “I imagine his death as if someone took the oxygen out of the air and I was supposed to live without it”. Every week I post comments from people who have had to put dogs down, and their pain and suffering is so acute it hurts my heart every time [...]
Mon, May 06, 2019
Source: Patricia McConnell Category: DOG BLOGS
One of my greatest passions is conservation training; I lecture about this topic at every opportunity. read more [...]
Tue, Apr 30, 2019
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 We recently got word that our 2nd CCI puppy we raised,  Ms. Bordeaux,  will be rotating through team training in California in May 2017 for the Hearing Dog Program!!!!  Our fingers are crossed she makes a match.  We are so proud of her!!!

Young Bordeaux

Ms. Bordeaux Always working!!

Pretty Girl Bordeaux!

A Mature Ms. Bordeaux



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