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Eye Contact/Attention Game


  • The look at me or Watch me cue.


  1. 1.      First let’s start with your dog just looking at you.  Say “yes” and reward with a treat.
  2. 2.      Watch for any looks your way from your dog again say “yes” and reward!
  3. 3.      As your dog continues to make eye contact with you say “yes” and reward introduce your verbal cue Look at me or Watch me. 
  4. 4.      Say look at me or Watch me and reward!!


  • Luring Eye Contact
  1. 1.      Show your dog a treat by putting the treat in front of his nose.
  2. 2.      Slowly raise the treat to your eyes. Say your cue Look at me or Watch me.
  3. 3.      As your dog looks up at you say “yes” and reward!
  4. 4.      Continue this as your dog gets better, increase the time he looks at you, in the beginning start with 1 second and build from there.
  5. 5.      Once he can do this in one room, move to another room, to the garage, back yard, front yard so he can do this everywhere.

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