We are a non-aversive positive reinforcement training Center. We offer

Obedience Classes

Beginners, Intermediate to Advance. These classes are 6 weeks. We use positive methods with what motivates your dog,treats, toys, and praise.
You will be building a relationship with your dog. we will teach sit, stay, recall, loose leash walking, down along with real life situations and much more.   The first class for Beginner Obedience will be  Orientation, Owners Only – no dogs.                                                                                                                             
Walk this way Class

This class will help you walk your dog on a loose leash with out your dog taking you for a
walk. This class will be all walking so bring your walking shoes
– 4 weeks

AKC Star Puppy Class

A great start for your puppy. This class is 6 weeks. You will
learn socialization, sit, down, come, leave it,
drop it, give, along with loose leash walking. We
will talk about all those behaviors puppies do,
biting, chewing, potty problems and much more.

Agility Class

In this class we will introduce your dog each week to the equipment in a safe manner. This is noncompetitive agility, its a great way to have fun, build confidence
and have a great relationship with your dog. Call for details

Reactive Fido Class

This is a 6 week class. This class will help you learn the skills you need to manage your reactive
fido. Reactivity in your dog is not curable its manageable. We will give you the tools you need to manage fido.  The first class for Reactive Fido will be  Orientation, Owners Only- no dogs.

Frightened Rover Class

This is a 6 week class. Is your dog frightened of people, noise, objects, and afraid of being
handled?  We will help you learn the skills you need to help rover cope with these fears. This class will help rover be more confident and a happy dog.  The first class for Frightened Rover will be Orientation, Owners Only- no dogs.


A 6 Week course open to all dogs. This class you will learn and demonstrate 10 items to be able to pass the CGC certification.
Prerequisite Beginners Manner class.

AKC Community Canine Class

A 6 week class that prepares you for taking the 10 step test. Prerequisite for
this class must have passed the CGC test.

APDT C.L.A.S.S. Canine Life and Social Skills.

There are 3 Degree levels to this class,  Bachelors level BA,  Master’s
level MA,  Ph.D Level Doctorate each level is a 6 week course,
Demonstrate real life skill in each level.

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Dog Walking Services, Day training and Dog Sitting Services
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